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Keep users engaged in your sleep


Don’t snooze on potential sales.

No matter how digital your business gets, your physical body still needs to rest at the end of the day, but that doesn’t mean your customers are going to wait for you to finish your dinner, wrap up time with your friends and family, or get those full 8-hours of sleep every night. Not only that, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a healthy personal life just to be available for basic questions and user engagement.

With Facebook Chat integration on your site, we can build automated responses that intuitively answer your most frequent questions and direct users to their needed content in a way that feels natural and like they’re talking to a real person.

Facebook Messenger for business - website chat widget

Adding live chat to your site can increase conversion rates by 45%. This is done through increased consumer engagement, lead generation, and better customer support. When a user chooses to engage with your chat, they not only provide you with what they’re looking for, but also their name and contact information so you can follow up directly at a later, more convenient time.

This also allows you to establish drip campaigns. Maybe your potential client didn’t go through with that purchase on their first visit, but now you can follow up and try to answer additional questions or even present coupons to encourage an impulse purchase. All of this when done through their own Facebook chat client ensures substantially higher visibility than traditional email campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Top 10 List

It’s easier than it looks

This might sound like a lot to keep up with, but with easy to use software, in depth tutorials, and our own customer support, we can help guide you through the process. Drag and drop interfaces allow simple clicks to help you build complex dialog trees that are easy for you to update and navigate.

Here are the top 10 features to adding Facebook live chat to your website:

  1. Website Chat Widget: The chat window in the bottom right of this webpage.
  2. Responsive OmniChat: Facebook live chat is cross-device functional and mobile-friendly, meaning the conversation is available on your site, the Messenger app, and Facebook desktop.
  3. Chatbot to Direct Issues: 24/7 chatbot first responder, answers customer FAQs and routes conversations that need live agents.
  4. Inbox to View & Manage Convos: See and respond to conversations across website visitors in real-time. Both businesses and consumers can reach out to one another at any time via Messenger.
  5. Live Chat Agent Assignments: Assign follow-up to individuals on a support team, sales or marketing team and more.
  6. Mobile App to Respond Anywhere: Free mobile app in case you want to do live chat support on the go.
  7. Lead Capture & Opt-in Tools: Invite site visitors that start a chat conversation to connect in email, SMS or Messenger.
  8. Remarketing opportunities: Your business is able to re-engage Messenger contacts from Facebook or your website with Facebook Sponsored Message ads (We can help with this too).
  9. Rich Customer Profiles: Your business creates customer profiles that are further enriched with each interaction.
  10. Notifications for Live Takeover: Live takeover notifications let businesses set up email, web and mobile app alerts for chatbot-to-live agent transfer.

“…Your site can increase conversion rates by 45%.”

We’re still here to help

If that still seems like too much, don’t worry! We do offer social media management to take it a step further. Let us walk through your business needs and build these systems out for you.  We’ll handle initial responses and assign chats to you and your employees on a case by case basis. Then the only thing that you have to do is sit back and wait for the notifications to start rolling in!

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