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Custom-Fit Solutions
I provide systems and integrations designed to fit your needs and budget. Each business deserves it's own individual approach. Your site should match your content and branding. 
Built for Responsive
All of my designs are built with a mobile first approach. Ensuring that your customers clients don't receive a reduced experience regardless of their platform
Small Business Focus
My independent nature allows me to focus on close relationships with customers and adjust to meet their budget needs. I understand small businesses because I own and operate one.
Custom Emails
Every site I host comes with unlimited same-domain email addresses. No more addresses for you. 
Personal Branding

Take your site further with my personal branding services, including logo design, photography, video editing, and social media management. 

Awesome Features
From drag-and-click editing interfaces to chat-bot integrations, my sites will have every bell and whistle you need to utilize your site's full potential.

Feature Showcase

Here are a list of some of my most in demand features and solutions.

Robust Catalogs, Simple Interactions.

From bookings to vouchers to 7 different sizes with 4 color options, I provide e-commerce solutions that allow you to offer your diverse services and products to customers in ways that make sense and boost sales.

I also offer credit card processing rates significantly below Square and Slice, allowing you to pass the savings on to the consumer and offer more competitive prices.

Harvey Derwent avatar image
"Expanding our options increased sales by 40%!”

Livechat 24/7, Even While You Sleep

Develop complex dialog trees that help direct your users to content based upon keywords and select responses when you're not within reach. I'll help you integreate withservices like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that respond to your customers on your behalf

Open up entirely new marketing channels complete with drip campaigns, chat blasts, RSS feeds, messenger ads, analytics tracking, and more.

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"It's like I have a whole support staff ready to handle customers”

Don't let changing pages change your tune

Let visitors browse your site while listening to your content uninterrupted. I offer site-wide audio players that don't force you to stay on the same page and lets your fans enjoy music while searching for the information they're looking for.

From lightboxes to video players, I'll make sure your media is presented in ways that enhance their presentation rather than distract from it.

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“The experience is seemless and lets me truly enjoy the content.”

Keep Calm, You're in Good Hands.

Hosting and support contracts come with a ticketing system to log and report issues and track their resolution. This ensures that problems are properly escalated and handled in order of priority and necessity.

You'll be provided with documentation on how to update content on your site, as well as guranteed turn around time on issues and 7-day a week access to support.

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“I've never felt more confident in support.”
Design and integration options for your site and content.
Years of software design and development experience.
End-to-end solutions successfully implemented and deployed.

Less work, more flow.

Let me integrate your website with other platforms  to reduce your work and enhance experiences.
Additional cross-platform branding and account management services are available as well.








Scales with your business

I offer bundles and packages set around your content and individual needs.
These are simply a starting point as each quote is custom tailored to your requirements.


  • Custom Design
  • 15 Content Pages
  • Detailed Documentation
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Hosting & Support*
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Best Value


  • Custom Design
  • 15 Content + Product Pages
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Product Catalog & Processing
  • Hosting & Support*
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Most Support


  • Basic + E-Commerce Options
  • Logo & Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Additional Training
  • Hosting & Support
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* Hosting & Support still available outside of the package at a surcharge.


Here are a few of the most common questions I get asked.
Feel free to reach out with any more you might have.

My goal is to provide an end-to-end experience that takes your initial needs and designs and creates a rich and original site for your business, organization, or project. While we do offer consulting and assistance on existing sites or other platforms, my specialty is in full package solutions that handle every aspect of your website needs. 

As a part of the consulting process, I'll help you identify what types of content are needed, and we'll create a rough draft of the site structure. I or my partners can design and create relevant graphics and provide stock images to fill in the basic design. From there, all content (text, images, information, etc) can be either provided by you or we can work with our team of local photographers, designers, and social media managers. The options all depend upon your needs and budget, and I'll always present you with the opportunities to best serve your audience.

In almost every case, content and features will be able to be imported and then improved and expanded upon. Any existing integrations will depend on the platform and experience needed. I will work with you as a part of the consulting process to advise on the best path forward.

The goal with every site is to provide an easy user experience for you to be able to update and manage content changes on your own without needing to go through my team. I work primarily in WordPress and specifically use designs that present drag and drop interfaces with no code experience required. This way you can update more than just text and images in their current place. 

My goal is to provide services as quickly as possible. The average turn around time from initial consult to a fully functioning website is 2-months, but this will depend entirely up the size and scope of your needs. 

Absolutely! Every quote and package is well defined around an agreed upon project plan, but there will always be room to add on more as your business grows and budget expands.

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